Gin No Sara's commitments

Commitment to "Shari(rice)"

"Shari"(Rice) is the heart of sushi. Carefully selected rice best matching for sushi, which is rich in umami ingredients.

We use domestically produced rice in Japan that is suitable for sushi rice and has a good balance of chewyness, throatiness, and sweetness, and has a low protein content that does not lose its taste even when cooled.

Commitment to "work"

It is a sushi rice that is fluffy and delicious, cooked in a gas kettle.

Since the special rice is cooked in a gas kettle with high heat, the rice stands up and the rice is fluffy and delicious. If you mix the rice, then combine it with the special sushi vinegar, and cool it until it becomes human skin temperature, you will have the best "Shari"(sushi rice) that will be non sticky in your mouth.

Commitment to "soy sauce"

A special soy sauce that is a rich and fragrant by low temperature aging and preparation with grilled "Ago-dashi"(flying fish soup stock).

The soy sauce is prepared in a low temperature and has a high content of glutamic acid, which is a delicious ingredient in the natural state. The best soy sauce with enhanced richness and aroma enhances the deliciousness of sushi.

Commitment to "vinegar"

The rice vinegar of "Uchibori Brewery" will maximizes the taste of Shari rice.

They not only brew the vinegar, but in-house rice milling, sake brewing and integrated production.

The sushi vinegar that influences the taste of Shari(sushi rice) is a special vinegar brewed at "Uchibori Brewery" on the banks of the main stream of the Kiso River, which flows through the Hida Kiso River National Park. It is a harmonious and fragrant rice vinegar that has been aged through authentic sake brewing using in-house rice milling and malted rice. The best soup stock of Hokkaido Rishiri kelp enhances the umami of the rice.

Commitment to "freshly made"

We will not make before the order and never keep Sushi for a time. After receiving your order, we have consistently made it.

"Freshly made" is the best way to enjoy the perfect balance of sushi and Shari(sushi rice). "Gin no Sara" will make Sushi consistently and carefully after receiving your order, Sushi is a delicate food that brings out the feelings of our chef. While imagining the smiles that make our customers happy, we work diligently.